Q. How often should I have my car detailed?

A. Detailing frequency is generally determined by ( 1 ) the climate, ( 2 ) your car's exterior color,and ( 3 ) how often you wash the vehicle. We recommend that you have your car detailed a minimum of 3 times per year for adequate maintenance. Some darker colored cars should be detailed more often.

Q. I own a brand new car and it's perfect. Why would I need it detailed?

A. Car dealerships rarely wax new cars, and we've never heard of one that specially treats and protects leather interiors. Performing both these procedures is important in steering your new vehicle in the right direction.That is why Mobile Car Detailers is very first stop for many of our customers new cars.

Q. My car is leased, should I have it detailed?

A. Definitely, the better your car's appearance and condition, the better trade value you will get on your car, and the less they will charge you for reconditioning the car.

Q. What if it rains on my appointment day?

A. We can reschedule you.